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THE MOTION SELFIE - Live at the Mall Athens, Greece  (23 June - 7 July 2014)

The Motion Selfie

video the motion selfie

Imagine that you pass from a shop display decorated with an animated image of a dancer.
Then you realize that this dancer is controlled by your body movements.
How much more attractive can a shop window be? How this window can be even more attractive for you? Maybe when you see yourself being the dancer in the window?

video the motion selfie

«The Motion Selfie» is a fascinating Interactive Video Capture and Display system controlled by the body movements of the user.

This Interactive Digital Signage system guarantees public capture especially when the passerby sees himself projected in the window.

Targeting mostly public advertising attraction-focused events,
«The Motion Selfie» transforms a classic shop display in a state of the art «Motion Controlled Interactive Digital Display».

Thinkinfresh designed and implemented «The Motion Selfie» in cooperation with Intuitive Interactive Interfaces (i3)