Think in visualart

 Immotile steps - Trailer



A genderless person, still, as if in a wheelchair. In confrontation with the self.
Testing his endurance, her thoughts. His thoughts transform into shadows projecting before him. Big, small, sharp, relaxed, contractual, odd. Can she stand them? Doesn’t know. Can he confront them? Doesn’t know. She will try to take on them. He will win only if he can be unreserved.

How much and in what way can one combat shadows. To what extent can one shed light upon invisible aspects of the self. How much does one actually know the self? And what about others? A game which seems extreme but can also be part of routine. Will, loss, weakness, fear, sinking and emerging. A game where, though time is absent, it remains the undefined variant. Can what is considered a fact be overruled? How many persons does it take to do so? A game with or without ending? Who will define that? The ending exists within as well as outside the performance.

An abstract text by Franzeska Doga, transferred on stage with support of video art and sound design.
Actress: Pelagia Potsi.
Sound design: Thanasis Dontsis.
Video art: Franzeska Doga